We are Donald Graham and Enid Lake and we are breeders of working line English Springer Spaniels in Scotland – Donald based at Lochgilphead and Enid on the Isle of Skye. Our kennel Sgurr (meaning ‘the peak’ in Gaelic) was founded by Enid in 2006 and Donald joined her in 2015.

  From the outset, the aim was to breed only from health tested dogs with excellent temperament and working ability. Sgurr’s first dog and bitch were Glen and Jodie – now retired but always ready to give an enthusiastic welcome to visitors to Sgurr on Skye. We have another retired bitch Peggy Sue, also on Skye as our oldies stay with us. We also have Jodie's daughter Breagha to continue her line and she had pups in 2015. Glen’s younger half-brother Zane is now our stud dog on Skye and Glen’s and Jodie’s son Cooper is our stud dog with Donald who also has Zane's and Breagha’s daughter Molly. We are bringing Peggy Sue’s granddaughter Bailey from Holland in autumn 2016 to keep her line at Sgurr. Please read more about everyone on their own pages.

  Donald has been working with Springers for 25 years and is taking on the hard work at Sgurr as, due to health issues, Enid has more of a consultant role. We have pups field trialling, doing working tests, gamekeeper’s dogs, dogs in working homes and pet companions. We are very proud that two of Jodie's pups are fully trained Medic Alert Dogs, helping to save lives.

  We started breeding at Sgurr ten years ago and we normally have just one litter each year. Our aim is to produce healthy pups with excellent temperament, home reared and well socialised, suitable as either working dogs or country companions. We encourage people to come and meet the dogs before a litter is due and pups are delighted to meet new friends from the age of three weeks.
Molly's pups - pic 10-09-16
Welcome to Sgurr
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Molly's pups.
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